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It's going to be a busy weekend and you'll want to keep with the latest updates from the PLL Organizers. Use the follow button on the right to get up-to-date details as the weekend progresses.

Saturday Afternoon Beer Tour Schedule Change

For those of you joining us for the Beer Tour event on Saturday afternoon, there's been a 30 minute delay the start of the tour. Our starting location, Khyber Pass, has an event ending at 4pm so we're going to hold off starting our event until 5pm. See you then.


Advance registration for PLL has ended, but we'll have some availability at the door for all of the dances. Check the schedule page for individual dance admission costs.

Scavenger Hunt Prizes Announced

We will be offering passes to PLL 2014, Hot Mess 2013, Babble 2014, VBLX 2013 (Virgina Beach Lindy Exchange) and ALBX 2013 (Albany Lindy Exchange) as prizes for this year's scavenger hunt winners!

Saturday Afternoon Scavenger Hunt

Take part in the Philly Lindy Love Scavenger Hunt! The prizes will be dance passes to future exchanges and workshops throughout the east coast!!! More details to come!


Bringing dancers to Philly for some Lindy Love for 10 years in a row. This year, join us June 7-9, 2013. And if you want to keep up with the latest and greatest for PLL 2013, check back here often and like us on Facebook